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privacy policy

HRFfoods株式会社は、We strongly recognize the importance of protecting your personal information、In addition, in order to build a permanent relationship of trust with our customers、Established privacy policy as follows、We will make a company-wide effort to appropriately protect your personal information.。

1.Personal information handling business operator and personal information protection manager

HRF foods株式会社 代表取締役 打越 邦兼

2.Basic policy

HRF foods株式会社(以下、Our company)、We will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and regulations。Also、Internal regulations regarding the protection of personal information (below、Our regulations)、Do this、With keeping、Strive for continuous improvement。

当社は、While establishing a management system for personal information protection、Disseminate our rules to officers and employees、We will try to comply thoroughly。

当社は、We handle personal information within the scope of the purpose of use specified to the customer.。Also、We use the personal information provided by our customers、Unless with your consent or for good reason、Not disclosed or provided to a third party。

当社は、Keep your personal information accurate and up to date、Unauthorized access to personal information、Leakage of personal information、Lost、Strive to prevent damage、Improving information security、We will carry out corrections continuously。

当社は、Inquiries from customers regarding personal information、We will respond to requests for disclosure etc. in good faith and promptly.。

3.Purpose of use of personal information

1.Personal information about the customer

1.Business negotiations with customers、Meetings etc.

2.Product、Shipment of materials
3.service、Sending information such as events
4.Customer support、Providing maintenance
5.Response to inquiries and consultations
6.Provision of various membership services
7.Service development、Conduct questionnaire survey、Implementation of monitors, etc.
8.Fulfillment of contract

2.Personal information about applicants for employment

1.Providing and contacting applicants (including internships) with employment information

2.Recruitment management at our company

4.Appropriate acquisition of personal information

In our company、Acquisition of personal information、We will do it legally and fairly。

5.Provision of personal information

1.当社は、Except in the following cases、We do not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties。
With your consent。
When required by law。
Human life、Necessary for the protection of the body or property、If it is difficult to obtain your consent。
To the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use、When entrusting the handling of personal information。
merge、Company split、When business is succeeded due to business transfer or other reasons

2.当社は、Regardless of (1) above、Providing services to customers、Responding to inquiries、When it is deemed appropriate to respond from one of our affiliated companies or agents、Your address、Full name、We may provide telephone numbers etc. to the affiliated companies etc.。in this case、You can request us to stop providing personal information to the affiliated companies etc.。

6.Inquiries regarding personal information

For inquiries regarding disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of your personal information、お問い合わせフォームよりご連絡ください

7.Other matters

1.About access information

On this site、In order to provide better service、We may collect access log information。Please note in advance。Acquisition of access log is not intended to identify your personal information。

2.About cookies

On this site、For more comfortable use、サイトの一部でCookieクッキー)を使用しております

For cookies and IP address information、Because they cannot identify a particular individual by themselves、We do not consider it as personal information。

Note that、For cookie information、It is possible to refuse by setting the browser。